This is a riff on the “Elixir Egg Nog” recipe from Fresh Victor Cocktails (

Serve mixed with whatever liquor you prefer, though most traditional is a nice aged bourbon or rum. Pretty darn good “virgin” also.

Moose Munch

OK, it’s not wild game. It’s hard to work game into desserts. Besides, it does have “Moose” in the name. You could use it to say “OK kids, eat all your venison and daddy will make moose munch.”

If popping your own from kernels, keep in mind that freshness matters — Not because popcorn kernels go bad, but because over time they lose some of the moisture they need to pop properly. If it’s been on the shelf for a year just buy a new batch.

Chipotle Mayo

A spicy, delicious condiment that makes things pop!

Pickled Red Onion

A versatile condiment — limited only by your imagination. It’s native home, however, is the taco.

Sausage Stuffing/Dressing—with some tricks!

This is a fairly standard stuffing/dressing recipe, but with some tricks that make a difference: Use schmaltz (rendered poultry fat) instead of butter. Reserve 1/3 of the celery raw until final mix before the oven step (adds crunch). Don’t brown the sausage crumbled. Form it Read More …

Working man’s Mai Tai

This is not the “ultimate” Mai Tai, an endlessly elusive target — the pursuit of which can be complex and expensive (though always fun).  The google offers endless ratholes to join that merry chase.  But this tasty recipe is fast, easy & cheap, kind of Read More …

Asparagus Soup

Courtesy of Glen Spotts — master asparagus gardener.

Caesar Salad

It is NOT hard to make excellent Caesar Salad! The big secrets to making it “pop” are anchovies, good fresh crisp romaine, and properly emulsified dressing. The other ingredients are important too… but those three are where most people take shortcuts that make the result Read More …

Roasted Ghost hot sauce

Ghost peppers also go by the name Naga Jolokia or Bhut Jolokia. If you were as evil as them you’d travel with alternative id’s too.