How do we make $?

We don’t. has never been monetized in any way, and there are no plans to ever do so. No ads, no sponsorship, nothing for sale, no “upgrades”, no donations, no “affiliate” links, no membership, no userid, no password. Access is open and anonymous.

KillerNoms also has a social media presence (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube) just because it’s a good excuse for me to learn how they work.  I’m a retired data processing consultant, so I’m curious about such things. None of them are monetized. Well, by me anyway. Mark Zuckerberg is certainly wetting his beak.

Brands, tools and ingredients mentioned here are all purchased at retail, and any links to them are plain links, with no “affiliate” code added for a kickback. There is no relationship (other than as a customer) with any source for anything mentioned on this site.  And anything said about them is pure honest opinion.

This is not because I hate money. I fully support many forums and other sources of information that are well monetized. Most offer a great service and I’m glad they’re out there. I don’t begrudge anyone making a buck.

But is a hobby, not a business. I love the topic, and though I’m no expert I’m always gratified when I can teach someone something. The time and energy needed to squeeze a few bucks out of it would ruin the fun. And since nobody pays me I don’t have to feel guilty about how crappy my few photos and videos are 🙂

Why does any of this matter? Because I’ve been threatened and actually banned from some places that consider any mention of to be spam.

I’m flattered if they think KillerNoms looks professional, but it’s kind of ignorant if they think that makes it spam.

Their loss… but I want to clear the air.

Your host, Steve Jones