Venison Spaghetti Sauce

This is an Italian meat sauce suitable for spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, whatever. It uses an “Equalizer” technique I stumbled upon by accident.

Poultry Brine

Brining improves flavor, reduces toughness, and adds moisture. Most meats benefit – but lean, tough meats (like game) benefit most of all.For wild birds brining opens up vast cooking options that otherwise may produce dry, tough meat.

Wild Turkey Bratwurst

This is a great generic bratwurst recipe, and wild turkey meat is a fine base for sausage. But wild turkey is as lean as wild game gets, so fat is a critical factor.

Creamed Corn

Creamed Corn, lifted nearly intact from Alton Brown

Venison Rub

This is a salt-free rub, suitable for Venison and any other red meat, like beef.

You apply salt ahead of time, creating a dry-brine. Apply 1/2 tsp. kosher salt per lb of meat (subtract bone weight), wrap in plastic or vacuum seal, and place in the refrigerator. About 2-4 hours for steaks or other thin cuts. 12-24 for others, and up to 48 for really large pieces. If using table salt instead of kosher, cut the amount nearly in half.

Apply the rub to your meat just before cooking.

Feral Hog/Pork Rub

Salt-free rub. Dry-brine 2-12 hours in advance with 1/2 tsp. kosher salt per 2# of meat. Ribs are half bone by weight.

1 Batch makes ≈ 1.5 cups. Use about 1/3 cup per butt. Lay heavy on ribs.