Venison Rub (no salt)

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Venison Rub (no salt) Yum
This is a salt-free rub, suitable for Venison and any other red meat, like beef. You apply it to meat that was previously brined ahead of time, just before cooking. See the notes below for more info on brining.
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NEWS FLASH: Marinating meat is mostly a pointless waste of time - except for the salt. Every recipe you've ever read that said "marinade for (insert long time here)" was wrong. You wanna argue with me? OK. I'm not an expert. But implementing what I've learned about this has produced exceptional results on my table.

Whole chapters of foodie books are dedicated to this topic, but if you read and absorb these two articles: and your approach to preparing meats for cooking will be forever changed. For the better, I promise.

Whether dry or wet brining, Dr. Greg Blonder's salt brine calculator ( will be an outstanding help to you.

And once you have a handle on all of that, Dr. Blonder's "Random Walk Diffusion Simulation" video will show you how salt (and cure) actually work their way through meat. The key to their success is their tiny molecular size, and their electrical properties. Nearly all other flavor related components (sugars, spices, herbs) have a massive molecular size compared to salt and cure, and just don't affect meat beyond the surface.

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