Cocktail Sauce

It’s sad that many restaurants no longer accompany shellfish like shrimp and crab with this iconic American dipping sauce.  Nowadays what they bring seems bland and sort of pointless, completely lacking “zing”.    Yeah, I get it. Shellfish flesh has a delicate flavor. And there Read More …

Berlin Currywurst

Currywurst is a popular street food that originated in post-WWII West Berlin. Many of the US troops who served in occupied West Berlin get a far away look in there eyes at the mere mention of it, overcome with memories of late-night visits to a local Imbiss (German street food vendor).

It’s a bratwurst, cut into bite-sizes pieces served in a little paper bowl, slathered in a ketchup/curry sauce. It came with a toothpick as your utensil, usually accompanied by “Pommes frites mit Mayonnaise”…. yep, french fries with mayo (yum!).