Wild Mushroom Soup

Venison stock is the perfect base for this simple but fantastic traditional recipe.

Pan Seared Wild Turkey Breast

This is an adaptation of a great chicken breast recipe.  It involves slicing a boneless wild turkey breast into roughly half pound pieces, about the size and thickness of a chicken breast, each perfect for one serving. It is fast, easy, and delicious.

Steamed Mussels

A delicious and visually exotic dish – but fast and easy to prepare. It’s getting your hands on good fresh ones and storing them properly which can be a challenge.


This is a very “hands on” presentation — be sure your guests are up for it. Frozen bags of mixed shellfish are a convenient and economical option for most of your shellfish. e.g. Costco frozen “Premium Seafood Medley” which comes in 2.5lb bags. If you’re fond of one particular shellfish (like crab or shrimp) , feel free to add more “to taste”.

Asparagus Soup

Courtesy of Glen Spotts — master asparagus gardener. This is an excellent way to make great use of part of the asparagus stalk usually discarded.