Venison Spaghetti Sauce

This is an Italian meat sauce suitable for spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, whatever. It uses an “Equalizer” technique I stumbled upon by accident.

Venison Breakfast Sausage

Add 1 tsp per ¼ lb of ground meat, and —poof— instant fresh breakfast sausage! Make up a batch of this spice mix ahead of time to use as needed.

Basic Brown Stock

This is a basic recipe for brown stock, using bones and meat from just about any seafood, game, or livestock. Click here for a detailed treatise on stock.

Poultry Noodle Soup

Can be made with pretty much any gallinaceous bird (pheasant, grouse, chicken, etc.). Turkey and quail might pose challenges due to size, but would be a worthy experiment.

But whenever anyone I know is starting to get a cold I go all Jewish mother and within minutes I’m sliding sideways into a parking space at the grocery store, running in to grab a chicken and whatever else I need for this recipe. As soon as possible they have a nice serving of this in hand and their cold is gone in record time.

It looks like a lot of steps but it goes quick. You will not regret it. If using wild birds you’ll be forgiven should you choose to skin rather than pluck them.