Pork Ribs

This recipe is started with the excellent “

Last Meal Ribs

recipe from AmazingRibs.com (a great site). I’m putting it here as a starting place to experiment with changes.

So, yeah, ribs. Baby backs lie near the spine. Spareribs attach to them and run all the way down to the chest. St. Louis Cut Ribs are spareribs with the tips removed so they form a nice rectangular rack. Some call them “center cut ribs”. They are the meatiest and most flavorful ribs. Baby Backs are a bit leaner, smaller, and cook faster. If you get spare ribs you can always cut them into St. Louis style yourself and use the trimmed-off parts as secondary “scooby snack” ribs.

Serving size? Depends on your audience and what else you’re serving. A minimum of 2 ribs per person, but if they are as good as they should be some folks will eat a whole rack.

Venison Sausage with Wine

This elegant sausage highlights and complements the flavor of venison with juniper berries, rosemary, wine and brandy. Many venison sausage recipes almost seem to apologize for the venison — either masking it with heavy spices or shoehorning it into recipes designed around other meats.