Venison Sausage with Wine
Venison Sausage with Wine
Rosemary (pick 1 – fresh is best )
Salt (pick ONLY 1 – by weight is best)
  1. Cut meat and fat into sizes appropriate for the grinder
  2. Mix meat with all ingredients and refrigerate overnight
  3. Grind through 6.5mm plate (1/4″) and add any juices from the overnight container.
  4. Mix thoroughly
  1. stuff into medium hog casings (bratwurst size, about 32mm)
  2. Dry overnight in refrigerator. Use within three days, or freeze. Longest freezer life attained by freezing first, then vacuum sealing. Prick bag before thawing.
Alternative to stuffing
  1. Form in to patties to fry or grill, or save as bulk fresh sausage for use in recipes you think would benefit from this unique blend.
Recipe Notes

The bacon adds a subtle smoky/cured note. If smoke is not desired, substitute a like weight of salt pork.
If neither the smoke nor cured note are desired, substitute a like weight of pork butt.

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